Meeting Nick From Art 110


I met Nick Lemmermen during class on Wednesday. He is a second year just like me and is studying film which I think is super awesome. He is a local, from Long Beach and some of his hobbies include watching movies (who doesn’t like movies?), playing the guitar, and reading comic books! He believes art is an important expression to people and that art means something different to everyone, so some people might not consider an object important but for a specific person it might be the most important thing in the world. I believe that art can’t be a negative thing, and that its only an outlet of expression to how people feel towards something/anything. If people are offended by it, that is from their own mentality, not what the art is portraying.


Meeting Nhi from Art 110


Nhi is a second year nursing major and trying to get into a nursing program. She commutes to school with her car because she lives in Westminister. I am also a second year at CSULB and am originally from Oakland, CA but am living down here for the semester. I study fashion design because I want to have a career in the streetwear industry. I believe art is based solely on somebody’s lifestyle and the background they grew up in. It can be different for anyone and that is why art is limitless. Nhi believes that art has no boundaries and that anything can be considered art.