Wk 15 – Artist Conversation

Artist: Amy Duran
Exhibition: Love Houses
Media: Ceramics, Sculpting, Painting, Film
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A
Instagram: polkadot.pony

About the Artist

Amy Duran is on her last year at CSULB and she is in the Sculpting BFA program. Amy has always been into sculpting and she also enjoys creating stop motion films. She is into fantasy movies like Harry Potter. She transferred to CSULB from Cypress College.

Formal Analysis

Amy and her colleague Luis Casas created the display Love Houses. Luis created all the vases and ornaments while Amy decorated them with liquid clay squeezed from a cake decorating bag. The vases and ornaments are all made from clay ceramics and all the art pieces carry a festive holiday theme considering the ornaments are either christmas trees, flowers, or ducks.

Content Analysis

The display is named Love Houses because Amy’s last name paired with Luis’ last name means forever and house so they thought about their friendship and considered the name Love Houses. The art itself reminds me of Christmas. The vases are painted on the interior either red or green and they have decorative designs all around them that reminds me of a christmas tree being decorated or the christmas decorations you’ll see all around houses. All the mugs seem to be great for hot chocolate and hot drinks as well!

Synthesis / My Experience

I think this display was perfect for the holiday season, and the name having a meaning behind it makes it all the better. I’m sure it all took a lot of time but it’s amazing to see what teamwork can do when it comes to art. You can definitely tell Amy is into cake decorating with the types of designs she is able to create. I also love her other work, which is a reinterpretation of little red riding hood, but in this case, the wolf is actually in love with the girl!




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