Wk 10 – Fiber Art Social Network


  1. I feel like the term “Social Network” doesn’t apply to my real life because a lot of people that are “friends” with me on apps like instagram, twitter, or facebook are not truly my friends but either acquaintances or people that I just know.
  2. I feel like that is true, but it also depends on what you consider a friend. You can have a bunch of friends on facebook but are they actually your friends? 150 even seems like a lot. I find it hard to keep up with even 10 of my friends so yes dunbars number is very believable
  3. It means that you have made a lot of connections with people but connections don’t necessarily mean that you have a close relationship to them. You may have just met them for a brief moment, remembered their name and added them but did anything go past small talk?
  4. I don’t want to have very many close relationships, I want to have connections who can aid me in different necessities in life but I feel like close relationships should be kept to a minimum of 10, only because I don’t trust many people and don’t want to invest so much of my life into multiple people.
  5. I have more friends on all of my platforms than are truly my friends. Some of these extra friends are people I said hi to, others are people I truly shared a great experience with. I would say I have scored a lot of different opportunities, job offerings, invites because of these connections.

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