Wk 10 – Artist Conversation

Artist: Kristi Tristao Jensen
Exhibition: Lineage
Media: Mixed Media, Vitreous Enamel, Fine Silver, Copper, Sterling, Bronze, Patina, Gold Leaf, Steel, Wood
Gallery: Werby Gallery

About the Artist

Jensen has always been interested in art growing up. Her grandmother was very creative and her grandpa as well.  She transferred here from Santa Monica college and is in the Metals BFA program. This is her first solo show but she has done previous group shows at her previous college and also in high school.

Formal Analysis

This exhibition features all the metal pieces that Jensen has created over a long period of time. It involves necklaces, and also metal representations of different objects like nut shells, sea urchins, etc. She says that each piece takes a different amount of time. The three metal pieces in the middle of the exhibition took her a month a piece and her necklaces take around 6 months to make. The necklace “lemonade” and the three main pieces “fraternal” in the middle are her favorite. I believe all of these metal works involve different types of metals and colors which produces different results and visual effects.

Content Analysis

I believe all of these pieces were made to represent some form of method or technique. Each piece has a unique development that stands out. Fraternal has jagged and straight textured edges. Urchin has round, gold and silver embossed shells with various bumps and the necklaces are also made through a completely different method. So all of these creations are presented to outline and emphasize a certain craftmanship.

Synthesis / My Experience

This gallery was very interesting because I never truly thought of how hard it would be to craft metal into actual art pieces. It is such a unique choice of material to work with rather than using cardboard, or paper, foam etc and I give props to Jensen because working with metal requires a lot of patience and hard work. Jensen loves playing with fire as do I so maybe I some day would also like to work with this art form.


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