Wk 9 – Art Care Package


A close home-town friend from Oakland, CA

I think sending somebody a care package is very similar to sending a snapchat because you are sending them something from your end of the world while they are still in theirs.

I think it is also different though because the amount of time to send a snapchat is so much faster than sending actual mail. However, I think that sending an ACP is much more meaningful and special than just a simple snapchat. You can keep the items in an ACP but a snapchat lasts only up to 10 seconds.

I personally like ephemera because I feel like every small item has so much meaning to it. It was acquired through a specific event in time that can never be relived again. It holds a lot of special memory no matter how small that memory is, it is a piece of your life per say. Some might think it’s trash because they are not very sentimental in nature.

I think seeing a painting in a museum is different from an ACP because an ACP might be made specifically for a certain person and it just wouldn’t have the same effect on someone else the same way it does for the specific person

Just like I mentioned, time does matter. I think having the mail be send slower is better because it lets them anticipate something that they are receiving and I guess with snapchat, faster is better because you can send a quick message or cute picture in just seconds and get your idea, expression, etc across.

There definitely is no love in a Mcdonalds meal as compared with a home cooked meal. A snapchat does not have as much meaning as an ACP because you don’t put as much effort into it. You simply hold down a button and press send. An ACP takes time to collect, create, and imagine what that other person would enjoy.


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