Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation


This week I met Monique Alcala. She is a 4th year civil engineering major and decided she wants to be in civil engineering because it pays very well. She is super great at math and was thinking about being a teacher at first but if she could find a career that pays much more, than why would she? She is interested in architecture but long beach doesn’t offer that program so she’s thinking about taking more classes in that field after she graduates. She finds that something everyone should experience is music. Specifically an musician named Eric Prydez because she says that his performances are more of a visual experience with the addition of music. She told me that if she were to have child she would want her kid to be able to create and express themselves artistically but she would tell them that they need to face the reality that society does not give enough credit to artists as they should receive and that she wants her kid to have a stable career and income. Some of the same apps we have is soundcloud, twitter, instagram, snapchat, vsco and venmo


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