Wk 6 – Artist Conversation

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow
Exhibition: Extrusions
Media: Paper, Photography, Music
Gallery: Dr Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: tiffuts

About the Artist:

Blaine is a current senior attending CSULB. He is an undergrad studying in the Studio Art Program. Blaine did not create this art gallery for any required project or assignment but just wanted to show off his art and love for geometric shapes. He works a lot with graphic design and plans to work directly for a company that requires graphic design expertise. He grew a love for geometric shapes at a young age since he was so good at math and was very interested in it when he took a geometry course.

Formal Analysis

The work that Blaine created includes a lot of protruding straight lines that all interconnect to create a unique shape. All the art pieces are made of paper and the colors are monotone (black/white). All art pieces include 2 dimensional and three dimensional shapes which offers a very unique contrast. The pieces are also placed under a overhead light producing intriguing shadows as well.

Content Analysis

During the interview. Blaine explained that he wanted to solely use the colors black and white because he learned about color theory. Color theory states that if color is introduced into a piece of art is serves as a completely different entity and could potentially take away from the art itself. He wanted the audience to be fascinated by the shapes only. He likes to work a lot with triangles because that is his favorite shape and his favorite piece that was created in this gallery is the one with contrasting cubes. Blaine’s message through this collection was to bridge a gap between 2d and 3d. Sometimes people see 2d ad 3d as separate forms when they are actually very closely related.

Synthesis / My Experience

I felt like this art gallery was super unique. I always knew shapes were a major part of art and how art is created but to single it out and create a bridge between two dimensional and three dimensional shape is art at its very core. Even using the two most defined colors, black and white, is placing art at its very core in my opinion. I felt like every one of these creations were very simple but also told a intricate story. Blaine says he worked a total of 24 hours on this art gallery and he finished it all in one weekend which I find very impressive.


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