Wk 5 – Artist Conversation

Artist: Jane Weibel
Exhibition: Psycho Cycle
Media: Photography, Ceramics, Paper
Gallery: Max L Gatov Gallery
Website: Janewiebel.com

About the Artist

Jane Weibel is still a student at CSULB, she is a senior currently in the School of Fine Arts Ceramics Program finishing up her last semester. She lives in an apartment in downtown Long Beach and moved here from San Diego. When she first started school she studied Biology and became a massage therapist. She studied nutrition for awhile, curated shows and did art for fun. She became so passionate in art that it became her full time thing. She enjoys doing escape rooms and plans on doing grad applications in January after she is done at CSULB. She wants to start working on her portfolio more.

Formal Analysis

The art presented in Jane Weibel’s gallery shows a surplus of colorful and bright objects and constructions. There are numerous art pieces but the one that really stood out was a colorful box/house made of pieces of cut plastic. The cuts pieces are cut in very random shapes and put together by plastic cable ties against four large metal poles. The box is almost transparent because each plastic piece contains numerous holes allowing you to see through.

Content Analysis

Jane Weibel’s exhibit is all about femininity and the abuse of women stemming anywhere from their sexuality, race, weight, appearance, and everything in between. She wanted to use these art pieces to express a message of hurt and pain from the female community. She called the large colored box “The Cage” because it represents how women are often placed into cages where they feel restrained in society. There are so many expectations placed on them that the whole world may seem like a cage to them, a place where they are not able to express their freedom or speak about the things they feel strongly about.

Synthesis / My Experience

I think that all of these art pieces are here to express some form of obstacle that women deal with on a daily basis. Although they are all open for different interpretation I feel like ultimately there is an obvious message on what the artist is trying to get across. One of the art pieces showcases a picture of women being placed over a fire with a boulder hanging right over them. I think this represents that women are being “flamed” all the time for simply being themselves and if they try to act out of what society’s standards tells them, they will be held down by and restrained anyway. Another one that also caught my attention was a presentation of a picture of a women being tied against a boulder. A pillow separates them and the bungee cord distorts the waist of the women in the picture. To me it represents that society is always telling women to become skinnier and skinnier, to the point where it is painful and crushing to their image. You can see the woman still smiling in the photo. Although there is so much pressure on her she has to act like it isn’t happening and smile through the pain. It resonates with me because I grew up with an almost all women household and I respect them very much. To see the types of hardships they go through for just being women is disheartening.


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