Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Alvaro A.S.F.

Artist: Alvaro ASF
Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music
Media: Sculpture, Video, Painting, Photo, Filming, Clay, Ceramic
Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: TBA
Instagram: TBA

About the Artist

Alvaro is a self taught artist who was born in Guatemala and moved to LA/Long Beach to pursue his art career. He had always loved to draw and would draw as much as he could. Now, he wants to get a masters degree and teach kids in art. He is in a BFA program but hasn’t decided what specific art form he wants to take on permanently. He finds interest in more than one art, which is why he also works with sculpting, film, painting, photography and ceramics.

Formal Analysis

This piece of art is called A Response to Classical Music. When walking into the gallery, a projector is playing a video on one of the blank walls. It features the artist, Alvaro dancing with paint on a large blank black canvas beneath him with Beethoven Overture Fidelio playing in the background. Alvaro describes this piece as a sculpture painting, and explains that his clothing, the paint, his body and the music are all very critical elements to his creation. Although many would like to say Alvaro is dancing to the music, he describes it as being a response, a random and unthought of process where his body is simply having a reaction to the music. His movements are very sporadic and involves more than just one level (rolling on the floor, running around and spinning).

Content Analysis

As with any piece of art, I feel like this creation came purely from Alvaro’s need to express. While asking him about the type of music he chose, he stated that he believes classical music has so much potential and he wants to dive into that category more and teach others about it because he feels like there is so much within that genre that can be worked with. I would like to say Alvaro created this sculpture painting to analyze his release of emotions and to observe his own interpretation around the music into a physical object. I could be wrong, but this piece of art is so radical and out of ordinary thought that I believe only the creator would be able to have a say on why he made this sculpture painting.


As for my own observation. I didn’t gain much of an insight or learn much from this art piece but it was very interesting to watch and attempt to dissect. Alvaro also created a separate piece in which it is just a blank white canvas, with white clothes. I saw this as a complete opposite from the piece he created in the video. I felt like he set up the blank white piece to contrast with the other and to show a representation of how humans can effect blank objects/things/etc. As for the original sculpture painting, I interpreted it to be a physical representation of human emotion and humans in their most raw and purest form without thought.


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