Meeting Marcelo from Art 110


Last Wednesday I met Marcelo Ceballos in class after we finished interviewing one of the artists. Marcelo is a 5th year currently studying Biology. He enjoys studying Biology because he believes that the field has a lot of options. He wants to work within restoration of habitats in the future. Some of his hobbies includes cycling, watching movies, exploring places and camping. The question of the week was “What is something that is an inspiration to your art?”. Marcelo says that he finds nature to be an inspiring element to his work because all of it so unique and different and its relaxing to see. I would say for myself, especially because I am into streetwear fashion, that I am inspired to see new collections release from designers and also seeing some of the largest fashion icons and the way they dress inspires my art and the things I create because it makes me think outside of the box and motivates me to create designs that are even better.


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